Admin Interface

The Admin Interface provides a simple way to manage digital signage networks.

  • Upload and store content
  • Manage sequences
  • Add dynamic display logic
  • Position multiple display elements
  • Add triggers and actions
  • Manage users and groups
  • Share content and sequences
  • Monitor the status of screens
  • Upgrade player software
  • Review proof-of-play reports
  • Drag and drop reorganisation
  • Reporting and audit trail
  • Apply logos and branding
  • Multiple languages
  • Reactive Bootstrap interface

TargetR Server

TargetR Server is the communications hub connecting the Admin Interface to your devices.

  • Unlimited horizontal scaling
  • Worldwide data replication
  • Media storage using S3 and GCS
  • Local P2P media distribution
  • Secure Java server and player core
  • Security hardened Linux OS
  • Remote authentication using OAuth
  • Designed for high availability
  • Custom domains using CNAMEs
  • Lightweight UDP communications
  • Digitally signed data verification
  • Advanced media processing

TargetR Player

The TargetR Player software connects your Android devices to the TargetR Server.

  • 1080p and 2160p playback
  • Hardware accelerated video
  • Auto-start and auto-restart
  • Works with low cost hardware
  • Interactive content and web pages
  • GPS for location based conditions
  • Age and gender recognition
  • Remote triggers for instant updates
  • Support for live TV via HDMI in
  • Password protected operation
  • Automatic device provisioning
  • Customisable player software

Content Delivery

Optimised image and video data transfers using content delivery networks (CDNs)
and local peer-to-peer data transfers.

  • Scalable worldwide data delivery
  • Local peer-to-peer data sharing
  • Geographically optimised
  • High download concurrency
  • Worldwide replication
  • No storage maintenance

Third Party Integrations

The TargetR APIs enable integration to third party applications.

  • Send data for conditional logic
  • Import Media RSS feeds
  • Download display reports
  • Import videos from YouTube
  • Build custom HTML5 widgets
  • Link remote content builders
  • Content Building API
  • Administration API
  • Custom Android apps

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