Key Features

The Desktop Player uses Java and VLC for image and video playback on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac computers. The player supports displaying multiple items at once, hardware accelerated video playback and 2160p output.


The Desktop Player consists of two parts; a loader and the core player. This separation allows automatic monitoring, upgrading and restarting to provide a high level of reliability.


The Desktop Player uses the network connection provided by the Operating System to communicate with a TargetR server and CDNs. Peer-to-peer data sharing enables images and videos to be quickly distributed to multiple players on the local network. Local devices can synchronise their position with a common base sequence.

Remote Control

The Admin Interface allows you to monitor the status of devices running the player. Information available includes memory usage, download status and failure information. Using the Admin Interface, the player can be configured to display image and video content, upgrade to the latest version and restart.


The Desktop Player does not support interactivity, transitions or HTML rendering. For these features please use the Android Player.

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