Key Features

The Android Player displays images and videos using core Android SDK components. This lightweight approach enables playback at full speed on any Android device while not requiring support from Adobe Flash, Air or WebView which often compromise stability and security.

The player can display multiple items at the same time and output at any resolution from 128x128 to 3840x2160 in both landscape and portrait. Touch screens can be utilised to add interactive elements for kiosk applications. The player runs above the Android lock screen to prevent tampering.

Hardware Support

The Android Player will run on any Android device from version 1.6 (Donut). The player takes advantage of new features found in later versions to provide improved performance. Tablets, media players, HDMI dongles and Android TV are all supported. The player includes hardware support for cameras, NFC and HDMI IN.


The Android Player automatically starts when the device is turned on and can handle network failure using locally cached content. The player has the ability to detect video and network failures and take measures recover.


The Android Player uses Wi-Fi, Ethernet or a 3G/LTE network to communicate with a TargetR server and CDNs. Peer-to-peer data sharing enables images and videos to be quickly distributed to multiple players on the local network. Local devices can synchronise their position with a common base sequence. HDMI video input, live Internet video streams or security camera feeds can be displayed.

Remote Control

The Admin Interface allows you to monitor the status of devices running the player. Information available includes memory usage, download status, video and network failures, Wi-Fi signal, and GPS location. Using the Admin Interface, the player can be configured to display image and video content, upgrade to the latest version, send logs, restart and enter standby.

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