Digital Signage

Low cost cloud platform and player software to programmatically display digital media on Android devices.

Digital Signage Globe

Digital Signage

TargetR develops software for displaying multimedia on Android devices and provides a white-label cloud platform for managing screens remotely.

  • Player software for displaying multimedia on Android screens.
  • Content management system and scalable cloud platform.
  • Programmatic, low-cost solution with zero downtime.
  • Unrivaled versatility for custom digital signage requirements.
  • Quick to deploy, easy to scale and low maintenance to run.

Years development

Digital signage clouds

100+ billion

Images and videos displayed


Media Player Software

Media Player

Multiple software players have been developed for the Android Operating System. The media players take full advantage of the multimedia support found in modern low-cost ARM devices.

Content Management System

Content Management

The cloud-based content management system (CMS) makes it easy to build simple sequences of multimedia and also complicated, dynamic, interactive sequences with user defined logic in any web browser.



Bar Caddies

Mens Urinals


Lamp Posts

Bar Appliances

Cinema Posters

Shop Shelves


Airport TV


Shop Windows


Cloud platform providers

Multiple Server Cloud

Powered by a global network of servers spanning Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and Akamai. The platform routes communications to the closest available server. Data is continuously replicated and the platform can remain operational even if a cloud provider goes offline!

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network

Multiple CDNs, peer to peer file sharing and distributed caches are used for media distribution. The caching layers reduce Internet bandwidth requirements and provide resilience when networks fail.

Target your audience

Target your audience

The stacking logic engine allows multiple display candidates to be defined for a given slot. Using advanced conditions and dynamic data, the player can selectively choose the item most suitable for the audience at that time.


Digital Signage Globe

White Label

Link a domain name to the TargetR platform and add custom branding. Partners can resell our software as their own solution.

Digital Signage Globe


Maintain thousands of screens, controlled by hundreds of users. TargetR has tools to manage the complexity of running large networks and also the configurability to make small deployments simple.

Peer to Peer

Low Bandwidth

Automatic peer to peer file sharing and distributed media caching significantly reduces Internet data transfer costs. The platform can continue playing multimedia when Internet connections are slow or drop completely.


High Performance

Using advanced GPU support, the media player software can display multiple layers of high resolution multimedia seamlessly linked with high quality transitions.

Hardware Varieties


Choose your own Android hardware and combine it with TargetR's software to create a custom digital signage solution tailored to meet custom requirements.



Add any custom data fields you need to our data models and develop advanced integrations using our APIs. The platform was designed to be extended and novel ideas are encouraged.

Reduce Costs & Generate Revenue

Reduce hardware costs

TargetR's media player software is designed to run on all Android devices. This includes very low cost Android TV boxes, streaming sticks and TVs with Google TV already installed.

The hardware cost of connecting an existing screen to the TargetR cloud platform is typically under $100. The savings on large deployments can be significant when compared to Windows x86 based digital signage solutions.

Reduce bandwidth costs

Media is only downloaded once to a local network of media players.

Data is automatically distributed across multiple devices to create a site-local network cache. This caching layer avoids duplicate Internet transfers.

TargetR caching technology has reduced Internet transfers by more than 100 Petabytes over the last 5 years. At standard cloud bandwidth pricing, thats a saving of $1 million USD!

Sell Advertising Space

Advertising campaigns can be managed directly in TargetR Stacks CMS. Conditional display logic can be used to selectively display an advert at specific times and incorporate custom data such as stock levels, weather, GPS locations etc.

Smart display pacing is used to meet a target impression count over a period of time across multiple screens by dynamically controlling how often an advert is displayed in a sequence.

Link to Ad Servers

Advert serving platforms, for example, Hivestack, Place Exchange and Vistar Media can be used to generate additional revenue from your screens.

Any ad server using Video Ad Streaming Templates (VAST) can be embedded into a sequence configured in TargetR Stacks CMS. Media RSS feeds and TargetR's APIs can also be used for custom integrations.


DS Loader

A small app installed on Android devices. Dynamically loads media player software from stacks servers. Restarts the media player after a failure.

Android Player

A media player that uses basic Android components to display multimedia and provides interactivity support for kiosks.


An advanced OpenGL media player that renders layers of multimedia and applies transition shaders for high quality output.

Admin Interface

A powerful web-based user interface for building sequences of multimedia in any web browser.

Stacks Servers

Multiple geo-distributed servers provide efficient communication between users and players.

Content Delivery Network

Object storage, CDNs, p2p data sharing and local distributed caches deliver multimedia to players while reducing bandwidth requirements.

Extend and Automate


The cloud platform and media player software is designed to be versatile.

There are 8 APIs that can be used to extend the functionality and meet custom requirements. Any repetitive task can be automated using our APIs. Automation is vital in the programmatic era of digital signage.

TargetR helps build and scale custom digital out of home (DOOH) advertising solutions.


  • All
  • Admin Interface
  • SignageNode
Custom cloud sign in pages.

Cloud Sign-in

Custom cloud sign in pages.

Home tab for network overview.

Admin Dashboard

Home dashboard for signage overview.

Connect and monitor player metrics.

Advanced Monitoring

Connect and monitor player metrics.

Stacking items with conditional logic.

Sequence Management

Stack items with conditional logic.

Manage an unlimited library of multimedia.

Media Library

Manage an unlimited library of multimedia.

Manage thousands of screens.

Screen Management

Manage thousands of screens.

Monitor network data transfers between devices.

Monitor Transfers

Monitor network data transfers between devices.

Manage hundreds of users.

User Management

Manage hundreds of users.

Group multiple items and manage access controls.

Groups and Access Controls

Group multiple items and manage access controls.

Add a custom domain and branding.

Cloud Configuration

Link a custom domain and branding.

View live screenshot and status information.

Monitor Status

View live screenshot and status information.

Monitor network speeds between devices.

Monitor Networking

Monitor network speeds between devices.

Cache across multiple devices on LAN.

Distributed Cache

Cache across multiple devices on LAN.

Configure advanced player settings.

Advanced Settings

Configure advanced player settings.

Test Internet, LAN and storage speeds.

Speed Tests

Test Internet, LAN and storage speeds.


  • Full multimedia support
    • Videos - MP4 and all video formats supported by Android
    • Images - JPEG and PNG and automatic conversion of other types
    • Web pages - Android WebView for good compatibility
    • Automatically import from RSS, VAST and Email
    • Display multiple items at the same time
    • Sequence frames and independent layers
    • Programmable sequences of multimedia
    • Conversion and re-encoding tools
  • Powerful stacks engine and extendable data model
    • Alternative item stacking with condition logic
    • Sequence stacking with defaults and custom overrides
    • Inner sequence linking and hierarchical sequences
    • GPS location based dynamic targeting
    • User defined data fields
    • Interactive items and flexible events system
    • Configurable proof of play reporting
    • Screen status and history reporting
    • User action reporting (audit trail)
  • Web based administration system
    • Modern drag and drop user interface
    • White label with configurable branding
    • Configurable features for each user
    • Flexible access controls for users and groups
    • Single-sign-on with SAML, Google and Microsoft.
    • File upload and content building tools
    • Condition building tools
    • Condition based item stacking for alternative items
    • Sequence stacking for hierarchical control and default items
    • Inner sequence linking for delegation and sequence reuse
  • Cloud server platform
    • Multiple geo-located servers
    • Latency based server selection with health-checks
    • Asynchronous data replication
    • Can be linked to any domain name
    • 100% platform uptime (over last 7 years)
    • Digitally signed communications and TLS/SSL
    • Multiple CDNs
    • Unlimited storage
  • Device management software (DS Loader)
    • Auto-start and auto-recovery after failures
    • Remote management and monitoring
    • Remote updates and dynamic player loading
    • Logging and screenshot capture
    • Lightweight virtual connections with cloud servers
    • Secure communication layer using RSA signatures
  • Standard media player
    • Lightweight, runs on any Android device
    • Uses standard Android media playback components
    • Any resolution, aspect ratio and orientation
    • Events system for configurable interactivity (kiosks)
    • Peer to peer data sharing on local network
  • SignageNode media player
    • Hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering engine
    • Positionable graphics tiles for videos, images, web pages etc.
    • 60+ GLSL transition animations between items in tiles
    • Automatic crop, zoom and pan for aspect ratio compatibility
    • Custom components for HTML, VAST, RSS, Cameras etc
    • Any resolution, aspect ratio and orientation
    • Pixel shaders to enhance quality (film grain, saturation etc)
    • Fault detection, logging and recovery
    • Web server and web based interface for config and diagnostics
    • Multi-device media sharing with distributed caching proxy on LAN
  • 8 Application Programming Interfaces
    • Quick data API
    • RESTful API
    • Remote Trigger API
    • Reporting API
    • Playback Simulation API
    • Sequence Manipulation API
    • Content Building API
    • Direct Proof of Play API


A pricing structure designed for building large networks of screens.

Number of Screens


  • USD
  • EURO
  • GBP


/ month 2

Only 8 per screen


/ custom domain name 3

/ thousand media items

/ GB media storage

/ GB media transferred 4

/ Re-encoded minute 5

  1. Acceptance into the partner program is subject to approval.
  2. Usage for TV broadcasting, in moving vehicles (GPS tracking), and unconventional digital signage may incur additional fees.
  3. Custom domains must be managed by partner and linked to TargetR cloud by a DNS CNAME record.
  4. Media is only transferred to devices once assuming adequate cache storage.
  5. Re-encoding optional. When required, a button allows you to perform video re-encoding.
  6. Billing is monthly in arrears with first new screen month free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a free trial?

    Yes. Register a user account on the demo server.

    Please be aware that the demo server is periodically purged and is not suitable for production use.

  • No. TargetR provides software for experienced, tech-savvy digital signage companies who roll out large networks of screens. Unfortunately, support can not be provided for small deployments.

    Get in touch and we will refer you to a local reseller.

  • No. TargetR does not provide exclusive distribution rights.

    Partners/resellers rebrand the TargetR platform so that end customers are unaware that TargetR provides the software.

    There are several barriers that prevent an end customer leaving a partner and licensing directly from TargetR:

    • If the customer is already on the platform, correspondence is referred back to the original partner.
    • TargetR does not provide a complete solution. TargetR provides no hardware and only limited hardware support.
    • TargetR only licenses software to experienced digital signage partners with over 50 screens.
    • Low numbers of screens cost more per screen. This means the original partner has a financial advantage.
  • No. The media player software requires the Android Runtime to operate. The Android Runtime can be installed on other Operating Systems, such as Windows 11, but we recommend you only use Android as the Host OS.

    The CMS can be accessed using any modern web browser on any Operating System.

  • Yes. The media player and Stacks CMS are designed to support any resolution. Achieving native 4K and 8K can be tricky on Android but is possible on high-end Android TV boxes.

  • Probably. DS Loader can run on any Android device made in the last 10 years. The SignageNode media player has slightly higher system requirements as it uses OpenGL. The best advice is to try it and see.

    TargetR is a software development company. Partners are expected to source hardware and provide hardware and network support to locations where devices are installed.

  • No. TargetR installs and maintains all server-side infrastructure. This is to ensure maximum security, resilience, performance and reliability.

    TargetR's infrastructure is continuously monitored and the resilient, multi-server deployment allows hardware failures and software updates to occur with zero downtime.