Key Features

The TargetR Raspberry Pi Player uses the GPU to display full screen images and videos at up to 1080p at full speed. Using a custom Linux distribution the player auto starts when the Raspberry Pi is plugged in and automatically enters provisioning mode.


The Raspberry Pi Player can handle network failure using locally cached content. The core player has built in safeguards to detect video or image playback errors.


The Raspberry Pi Player uses Ethernet or a Wi-Fi USB dongle to communicate with a TargetR server and CDNs. As the underlying operating system is a Linux based distribution, adding a simple caching proxy server configurations can be done both within the operating system or as part of the configuration of the player.

Remote Control

The Admin Interface allows you to monitor the status of devices running the player. A full health report is provided of of the device, allowing administers to diagnose issues and detect if a device is offline. Using the Admin Interface, the player can be configured to display image and video content based on advanced targeting.

The TargetR Raspberry Pi Player is currently in Beta release.

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